We acquire non-performing loans which are secured by real estate. These mortgages are purchased at a discount of fair market value which is driven by both the non-liquidity and distressed status of the asset. This allows for lucrative profit margins while limiting market volatility, and allows for an expanded scope of investment opportunities.

Once the mortgage note is acquired, it goes through a diligent process of incentives with the homeowner to avoid the foreclosure process and turn a non-performing loan back into a performing asset. We believe in crafting “win-win” solutions for both the homeowner and the investor whenever possible. Should a deal with the existing homeowner not be doable, we will then move to liquidating the asset.

Motivated Properties has an incredible networking relationship with some of the top real estate professionals. Once a loan is acquired, we intensively work the asset while applying our unique risk assessment skills gained from our team’s years of experience in real estate sales and acquisition, mortgage lending, servicing, and asset trading: all of this combines to provide for exceptional cash-on-cash returns for our investor partners. If you would like some more information, please email